More than meets the eye

“Ask yourself the following: what is it like to be in the reality tunnel of a dolphin, which is capable of “seeing” the fetus in a human womb? What is the reality of a shark like, which is able to perceive the electric aura of a human? What’s it like being a snail which can’t perceive intervals less than 0.25 second? What about a fly which perceives a second ten times slower than us? What kind of senses is evolution capable of…? 
So there you have it. Not only is there more between heaven and earth that meets the eye, but what meets the eye is most likely just a tiny speck of information compared to what there actually is to perceive in our surroundings. Not only is the whole human race incapable of seeing the real and true reality, but we even among our selves live in different realities”
                                                                                                                  Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007)

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